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Final in-class practice SP23

Quiz by Melissa Calvillo

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18 questions
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  • Q1

    Which statement is an example of community-oriented, population-focused nursing?

     The nurse refers a client diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome to the  dietitian.

    The nurse provides the client diagnosed with chronic renal disease a pamphlet.

    The nurse cares for a client who had a kidney transplant and lives in the community.

    The nurse develops an educational program for the type 2 diabetics in the community.

  • Q2

    The client tells the nurse, “There were so many people at my team meeting, I am not sure what the care manager is supposed to do for me.” Which is the nurse’s best response?

    “They connect you and your family to community resources."

    “They will help you keep your job or help you find a new one.”

    "They evaluate the effectiveness of your medication.”

    “They provide you with ideas for leisure time activities.”

  • Q3

    Which statement by the community mental health worker warrants intervention by the supervising nurse?

     “I am going to play cards with some clients this afternoon.”

    “I am going to a community team meeting for the next hour.”

    “I gave my client diagnosed with heartburn some Maalox.”

    “I assisted a client with dressing and hygiene this morning.”

  • Q4

    The clinic nurse is caring for a client who is diagnosed with a common cold. The client asks the nurse, “Why won’t the doctor give me some antibiotics when I feel so bad?” Which response by the nurse is most appropriate?

    “The doctor will know which antibiotics to give you based on your nasal culture.”

    “You should go to a different doctor so you will get proper treatment for your cold.”

    “Over-the-counter medications are cheaper than antibiotics for the common cold.”

    “The common cold is caused by a virus; antibiotics only treat bacterial infections.”

  • Q5

    The female client asks the nurse how often she should get a mammogram. Which information should the nurse provide? 

    Women at low risk of breast cancer should receive a one-time MRI. 

    Women under 40 years old without risk factors need mammograms.

    Women age 55 and older no longer need routine mammograms.

    Women 45 to 54 years old should get a mammogram yearly.

  • Q6

    The nurse is assigned to a committee to decide on a quality improvement project for the unit. Which issue is the most appropriate to discuss?

    Frequent use of manual overrides in the electronic MAR.

    Discipline of a specific nurse after repeated medication errors.

    Participation in an open comment period about a proposed law.

    The unhappiness of staff with their current salary and benefits.

  • Q7

     The 13-year-oldclient has just delivered a 4-pound baby boy. The stepfather of the client becomes verbally abusive to the nurse when he is asked to leave the room. The client is withdrawn and silent. Which action should the nurse implement?

    Refer the child to the social worker.

    Ask the client whether she feels safe at home.

    Contact Child Protective Services.

    Call hospital security to come to the room.

  • Q8

    The clinic manager is discussing osteoporosis with the clinic staff. Which activity is an example of a secondary nursing intervention when discussing osteoporosis?

    Discuss individual risk factors for developing osteoporosis.

    Obtain a bone density evaluation test on female clients older than 50.

    Perform spinal screening examinations on all female clients.

    Encourage clients to take regular walks while holding light weights. 

  • Q9

    The clinic nurse is caring for a client diagnosed with osteoarthritis. The client tells the nurse, “I am having problems getting in and out of my bathtub.” Which intervention should the nurse implement first?

    Initiate a referral to a physical therapist for the client.

    Ask if the client takes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

    Encourage the client to take a shower instead of a bath.

    Determine whether the client has grab bars in the bathroom.

  • Q10

    The occupational health nurse has cared for six employees who have similar symptoms. The clients have a fever, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Which action should the nurse implement first after assessing the clients?

    Obtain stool samples from all the affected employees. 

    Notify the appropriate local public health department

    Send the clients to the nearest emergency department.

    Arrange for the clients to get a ride home from work. 

  • Q11

    The home health (HH) nurse notes the 88-year-old female client is unable to cook for herself and mainly eats frozen foods and sandwiches. Which intervention should the RN implement?

    Provide a referral to the Meals on Wheels program.

    Discuss the situation with the client’s family.

    Request the HH aide to cook all the client’s meals.

    Refer the client to the HH occupational therapist.

  • Q12

    The community health nurse is assigned to triage of victims at the scene of a building collapse. Which intervention is the highest priority?

    Ensure disaster tags are placed securely on the victims.

    Ensure there is a safe area for family members to wait.

    Arrange shelter for anyone who was living in the building.

    Provide accurate details about the disaster to the media.

  • Q13

    What best describes the role of the faith-community nurse (FCN)?

    Provides teaching in a faith-oriented clinic

    Provides holistic care within a faith community 

    Cares for clients to help them stay in their home

    Cares for clients in a religious-based hospital

  • Q14

    The nurse is caring for a 34-year-old female client who tells the nurse, “I have been diagnosed with a human papillomavirus (HPV) infection in my mouth. I don’t understand. I get cervical smears for that.” Which is the nurse’s best response?

    “You need swabs of your mouth done every 6 months from now on.”

    “There must be a misunderstanding. HPV does not affect the mouth.”

    “This infection is on the rise from oral contact with a person who has HPV.”

    “You must have had oral sex to get the HPV infection in your mouth.”

  • Q15

    Who is eligible for Medicare?

    Pregnant women with lower incomes

    Children living below the poverty line

    Anyone who resides legally in the U.S.

    U.S. citizens aged 65 and older


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