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Final Review

Quiz by Demetris Riddles

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    Which characteristic distinguishes a molecule from an atom?
    Molecules are bonded together
    Molecules are the smallest unit of a pure substance
    Molecules are positive
    Molecules are composed of subatomic particles
  • Q2
    The students mixed vinegar and baking soda and bubbles formed and producing a gas. If they measured the mass of the substance at the beginning and had 20g, what would be the mass after the chemical reaction?
    Less than they had initially because the gas left the flask similar to evaporation
    More than they had initially because the gas would stay in the flask
  • Q3
    Which of the following best describes a chemical change?
    Liquid Evaporated
    Liquid remained clear
    Bubbling and fizzing
  • Q4
    Sarah has two glasses, filled with water and adds 1 ice cube to each glass. In the first glass, the ice cube sunk and in the second glass, floated. What best describes the conclusion?
    Higher densities will float on top of lower density solutions
    Low densities will float on top of higher density solutions
  • Q5
    You mix two solutions together and your left with a solid white substance after all the liquid is gone. What best describes the original substance?
    Mixture that went through a physical change
    Mixture that went through a chemical change
  • Q6
    What are the properties of Ca, BA and Li?
    They are metals
    They are metalloids
  • Q7
    Sugar and Sand is what type of Mixture:
    Heterogeneous Mixture
    Homogeneous Mixture
  • Q8
    Sugar and water is what type of mixture:
    Homogeneous Mixture
    Heterogeneous Mixture
  • Q9
    Rusting is similar to which type of reaction?
    Melting Ice Cream
    Burning Wood
    Breaking a bat
  • Q10
    As you go from the bottom to the top of the states of matter diagram, what happens to the motion of particles?
    They speed up and energy is added
    They slow down and energy is removed
  • Q11
    Which state of matter has particles that are tightly packed and moves the slowest?
  • Q12
    Which state of matter shows particles that slide past one another?
  • Q13
    Which is a chemical property of matter?
  • Q14
    Increasing the temperature causes:
    A physical change and particles speed up
    A Chemical change and particles slow down
  • Q15
    Which is a not physical property of matter?
    It made sparks when dropped
    It turned Blue
    Has a mass of 23g

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