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Financial Literacy

Quiz by Callie Guinn

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Arman works in state with no state income tax. He earns $625 each week. He pays $38.45 in other taxes. His pay after taxes is $499.61. How much federal income tax does he pay?
  • Q2
    Miranda earns $450.75 at her part-time job. She pays $98.12 in federal income tax and $12.00 in other taxes. How can you determine Miranda's pay after taxes?
    Add all the taxes
    Subtract the amount earned from the sum of the taxes
    Subtract the sum of the taxes from the total earnings
    Subtract only the federal income tax from the total earnings
  • Q3
    Joe has two part-time jobs. At his first job, he earned $200 and paid $42 in payroll tax. At his second job he earned $175 and paid $24 in payroll tax. What is his pay after taxes?
  • Q4
    Mark's pay after taxes is $855.08. If his total earnings are $1,100, how much does Mark pay in payroll tax?
  • Q5
    The table shows the gross income and payroll tax for the Barker family members for one week. What is their net income for the week?
  • Q6
    Lana works at the local ice cream store. In the last four weeks, her gross income was $120.75, $118.50, $99.75, and $115.75. Her total payroll tax was $59.70. How can you find her net income for the four weeks?
    Find the sum of the gross incomes. Then subtract the payroll tax.
    Find the sum of the gross income. Then add the payroll tax.
    Find the sum of the gross incomes.
    Add $59.70 to each of the gross incomes. Then add the sums.
  • Q7
    Abe earned money mowing lawns. He earned $25 Saturday morning and $75 Saturday afternoon. He earned $100 on Sunday. A payroll tax of $26.25 was withheld each day. If this is Abe's only source of income, what was his net income for the two days?
  • Q8
    Sari works in a flower shop for 36 hours each week. She earns $9.75 per hour. The wages from this job are Sari's only source of income. What is her net weekly income if her payroll tax is $73 for the week?

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