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Financial Management

Quiz by Arathi Menon

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  • Q1

    The dividend decision is concerned with?

    None of the above

    how much should be retained in the business

    determining how much part of the earning should be distributed among the share holders by way of dividend

  • Q2

    Certain provisions of the Companies Act place restrictions on payouts as dividend. Such provisions must be adhered to while declaring the dividend.-Name the factor

    Amount ofEarnings

    Growth Opportunities

    Legal Constraints

  • Q3

    Other things remaining the same,a company having stable earning is in a better position to declare higher dividends. As against this, a company having unstable earnings is likely to pay smaller dividend : Name the factor

    Legal Constraint

    Stability Earningss

    Cash flow position

  • Q4

    Financial planning is essentially the preparation of?

    financial blueprint of an organization'sfuture operations

    All of the above

    financial planning is to ensure that enough funds are available at right time.

  • Q5

    Financialmanagement aims at choosing the best investment and financing alternatives byfocusing on their costs and benefits.


    Don't Know



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