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Find the best topic sentence and concluding sentence

Quiz by Eda Tayşı

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7 questions
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  • Q1
    __________. First of all, we need money to repair old roads and build new roads. We also need more to pay teachers’ salaries and to pay for services such as trash collection. Finally, more tax money is needed to give financial help to the poor citizens of the city. It is clear that the city will have serious problems if taxes are not raised soon.
    City taxes are too high.
    City taxes pay for new roads.
    We should raise city taxes.
  • Q2
    ___________. For example, a person can have breakfast in New York, board an airplane, and have dinner in Paris. A businesswoman in London can instantly place an order with a factory in Hong Kong by sending a fax. Furthermore, a schoolboy in Tokyo can turn on a TV and watch a baseball game being played in Los Angeles.
    The fax machine was an important invention.
    Advances in technology have made the world seem smaller.
    Airplanes have changed our lives.
  • Q3
    __________. One thing you must consider is the quality of the university’s educational program. You also need to think about the school’s size and location. Finally, you must be sure to consider the university’s tuition to make sure you can afford to go to school there.
    You should consider getting a good education.
    There are several factors to consider when you choose a university to attend.
    It is expensive to attend a university in the United States.
  • Q4
    _____________. North Americans send cards for many occasions. They send cards to family and friends on birthdays and holidays. They also send thank-you cards, get well cards, graduation cards, and congratulation cards. It is very common to buy cards in stores and send them through the mail, but turning on the computer and sending cards over the Internet is also popular.
    Sending cards is very popular in North America.
    It is important to send thank-you cards.
    Birthday cards are the most popular kind of card.
  • Q5
    __________________________________ It produces many cars, such as Toyotas and Nissans, which it sells all over the world. It also produces electrical goods such as televisions and DVDs. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the biggest and most modern cities in the world.
    Japan, for example, makes computers
    Japan makes cars.
    Japan is a very important country.
    Japan is a very beautiful country.

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