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First Nations People of Canada

Quiz by Tahmina Saeed

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  • Q1

    History of First Nations People in Canada dates back to approximately how many years?

    100 years

    11,000 years

    5,000 years

    1,100 years

  • Q2

    What is the recent evidence scientists found to prove a long history of First Nations Peoples in Alberta?

    An old spearhead was found in a farm in Alberta.

    Their food and culture.

    The dinosaurs' bones prove the history of FNMI 

    The stories of Indigenous people.

  • Q3

    Where is the location of "Writing on Stone Provincial Park"?

    It is located at Milk River in Alberta.

    It is located in Banff National Park.

    It is located in Jasper National Park.

  • Q4

    Identify this picture!

    Question Image

    10,000 years old spearhead found in an Alberta farm

    It is a piece of a random stone.

    It is a piece of wood.

    It is a stone that we found in school play ground.

  • Q5

    How many numbered treaties are recognized in Canada?





  • Q6

    What do you understand by the word treaty?

    Treaties meant for agreement between different tribes Canada and USA.

    Treaties meant for local organizations in Alberta.

    Treaties are recognized agreements between the crown and original Indigenous people of Canada.

  • Q7

    When were treaties signed between the Canadian government and Indigenous people?

    Between 1972 and 2022

    Between 1921 and 2021

    Between 1871 and 1921

  • Q8

    Name the numbered treaties found in Alberta?

    Treaties 1, 2, 3

    Treaties 5, 6 and 7

    Treaties 6, 7, and 8

  • Q9

    What is a Tipi?

    Tipi is a house made from rock and mud.

    Tipi is a name of an animal found in Alberta.

    Tipi is a dome-shaped tent made without any wooden poles.

    Tipi is a cone-shaped shelter made from wooden poles and coverings sewn from hides of bison.

  • Q10

    Why are Tipis important to the Indigenous peoples of the plains?

    Because it helps them to store large hunting animals.

    Because they traveled often to hunt, join social gathering or find shelter.

    Because it protects them from severe cold of the arctic region.

  • Q11

    Why were the treaties signed?

    All answers are correct.

    Each chief and councilor would get ten axes, five handsaws.

    Every man, woman and child would receive five dollars annually.

    The signing of the treaty would ensure the survival of the First Nations People.

  • Q12

    The seven sacred teachings are followed by all Indigenous people. Should other cultures of Canada also follow these teachings?

    True or False

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