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First Ocean Crossings in the Air

Quiz by Leanna Niemann

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  • Q1
    What is the passage mostly about?
    Question Image
    how people travel in luxury today
    why Clippers were unique and special
    the cost of flying during the 1930s
    how Pan Am airplanes could land on water
  • Q2
    How long did it take a Clipper airplane to cross the Pacific?
    Question Image
    almost a week
    one day
    three weeks
    two days
  • Q3
    What feature of the Clipper allowed it to be flown across the ocean?
    Question Image
    It had a lounge and a dining hall.
    It could land on water or on land.
    It was named after a sailing ship.
    It was designed for comfort.
  • Q4
    What was one effect of the Clipper having fewer seats than modern planes have?
    Question Image
    It allowed time for bigger meals.
    It made air travel faster than it is now.
    It allowed room to sleep and move around.
    It increased the fuel capacity.

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