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Quiz by Silvestre RODESSA

Grade 6
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)

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Grade 6
Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE)
Philippines Curriculum: Grades K-10 (MELC)


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50 questions
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  • Q1

    1.      Which of thefollowing is a benefit that people get from planting trees and fruit bearing trees?

    c.It can be a source of income

    d.All of the above

    b. Itcan be an additional source of food.

    a. It causes good health                         

  • Q2

    2.      Which of thefollowing statements expresses the advantage from planting trees and fruitbearing fruits?

    d.a.       Selling rice cakes supports the provision of the basicneeds of the family.

    b. Sewing is a way of spending leisure time productivelyand can be good to health too.

    c.  People get additional income from raising and sellinganimals.

    a. Knowledge and expertise in planting trees and fruitbearing trees help the family find additional earnings and saves theenvironment too.

  • Q3

    3.  Planting treeshelps beautify the environment. Whichof the following statements below matches the thought of the underlined word?

    d. Trees planted in the community contribute to havingfresher air.

    a. Mila earns from selling coconut.

    c. The trees that surround Recardo’s house help their place to look very attractive.

    b. Bea’s classmates admire her for being so diligent incaring for the trees.

  • Q4

    4.  Irah sees to itthat roots, branches, and leaves can grow and thrive well. What element inplanting fruit bearing trees is being manifested in the situation?

    a. Enoughspace      

  • Q5

    5. Which of thefollowing elements in planting trees focuses on the biological function of the trees?

    d.Minerals from the ground

    b. Enough sunlight  

    a. Appropriatetemperature

    c.Enough space

  • Q6

    6. Xiamelle sees toit that she provides her plants sufficient amount of water. What element inplanting trees and fruit bearing trees is being shown?

    a. Carbondioxide

    c. enough space

    b. Enough sunlight

    d.Enough water

  • Q7

    7. Among theelements, which one is the most important in the organic process?

    c. enough sunlight 

    b. enough water

    a. Enough space

    d. appropriate temperature

  • Q8

    8.   Which of thefollowing is an example of orchard farm?

    d.all of the above

    b. seed orchard farm

    c.  nut orchard farm

    a. Fruit orchard farm

  • Q9

    9. Rodel puts up anorchard farm that produces radish and petchay. What orchard farm is being usedby him?

    c. Nut orchard farm

    b. Seed orchard farm

    d. Flower farm

    a. Fruitorchard farm              

  • Q10

    10.  Which of thefollowing is not grown in a nut orchard?

    d. Guyabano

    c. Coconut

    b. Cashew 

    a. almonds

  • Q11

    11.   Which of the following is a way of plant propagation?

    b. Budding


    d.all of the above

    a. Marcotting or air layering

  • Q12

    12. What method ofplant propagation is being shown in the picture?

    Question Image

    c.marcotting or air layering

    b. Grafting


    a. Budding

  • Q13

    13. Why do grafting and budding are considered the most important means of plantpropagation?

    b. Grafting and budding can be done without water.

    c.  Grafting and budding are the easiest ways to use.

    a. Grafting and budding can be done in less than a minute.

    d.  Grafting and budding can propagate plants that can’tbe propagated by air layering.

  • Q14

    14. Which of thefollowing shows a proper way of caring for seedlings?

    d. All of the above

    c.       Suppress insects by using organic insecticides

    b.       Remove weeds near the seedlings

    a.       There should be enough space between the seedlings.

  • Q15

    15.Which of thefollowing is not included in the proper ways of caring for seedlings?

    d.watering the seedlings

    a. Puttingup fence all over the plot.

      c. cutting new leaves

    b. Usingorganic fertilizer


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