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  • Q1

    This is the developmental stage of life wherein language and elementary questioning are required and initial socialization is experienced.


    early childhood

    late childhood

    middle age

  • Q2

    What aspect of the self relates to the mind?

    emotional aspect

    physical aspect

    tangible aspect

    intellectual aspect

  • Q3

    _________is derived from social interactions that provide insight into how others react to you.

    ideal self

    self- concept    

    actual self       

    self- knowledge

  • Q4

    The following are the result of prolonged, unmanaged stress except _____________.




    burn out          

  • Q5

    It appears in the process of personal development, as a result of getting aware of yourself, your actions and their consequences.



    self- confidence


  • Q6

    Who proposed a biopsychosocial model of development, wherein the developmental tasks at each stage are influenced by the individual’s biology (physiological maturation and genetic make-up), his psychology (personal values and goals) and sociology (specific culture to which the individual belongs)?

    Jean Piaget

    Erik Erikson    

    Ivan Pavlov   

    Robert Havighurst

  • Q7

    What makes you keep moving forward regardless of emerging obstacles- problems, laziness, bad emotional state, etc. and reduces the costs of overcoming obstacles?

    Problem- solving skills


    Self- confidence


  • Q8

    Which of the following is a physical sign of stress?

    pulling hair



    back pain

  • Q9

    Which of the following helps you on how you will hone a consistent mindfulness practice that leads to a compassionate and fulfilling way of life?

    Practice gratitude daily and expand it outward, appreciating everyone and everything you encounter.

    Lived by yourself, value your own perspective in life.

    Do not observe and be controlled by your own emotion.

    Never listen to others, just focus to what and how you feel.

  • Q10

    How will you manage yourself when the pressure of stress build- up is on?

    Find a busy place wherein you can see lots of things.

    Leave your study area for a while to take a brisk walk.

    Drink some wine to relax yourself.

    Do a rigid exercise like some push up routines and lifting weights. 

  • Q11

    How can you stay being happy even when you encounter problems and struggles in life?

    Choose to stay cool all the time even if you hurt someone’s feelings.

    Find strength in forgiveness, hope in one’s battles, security at the stage of fear and love in disagreements.

    You don’t need to do anything about your situation.


    Ignore the things that makes you unhappy. Just leave it unresolved.        

  • Q12

    The following are characteristics of an adolescent in the developmental stage EXCEPT

    Relating to ones spouse as a person.

    Preparing for economic career

    Achieving a masculine or feminine social role.

    Desiring and achieving socially responsible behavior.

  • Q13

    If it is your responsibility to do your homework, and you don't do it, what is one consequence that might happen?

    You will have more time to play video games.

    You will make your parents very happy.

    Your teacher will give you a special award for being a good student.

    You might get a bad grade.

  • Q14

    Why personal effectiveness is important?

    no answer is available

    to live in peace with difficult people and difficult situations

    because it makes us discover our talents, skills, energy and time to achieve life goals.

    all of these

  • Q15

    Why do we need to study human developmental stages?

    to change things that will harm the development of the person

    to avoid getting into the retirement age

    to be able to cope up in the changing world.

    to understand how humans learn, mature and adapt.


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