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First Semester Final US History Reteach

Quiz by Sam Berry

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following is a reason for the growth of representative government and institutions in colonial America?
    The Colonies had a single and strong centralized government
    England set up a Parliament for all the colonies
    Catholic churches elected leaders and were self governing
    Protestant churches elected leaders and were self governing
  • Q2
    "How do we finance a war? Who has the power to negotiate treaties? What prevents the executive from becoming too powerful?" --Which group was responsible for answering these questions?
    Colonists negotiating the Albany Plan of Union
    Settlers creating the Mayflower Compact
    Representatives drafting the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
    Delegates writing the Articles of Confederation
  • Q3
    The Northwest Ordinance is considered a historical milestone because it...
    encouraged state legislatures to ratify the Constitution
    proposed treaties with American Indians to allow the peaceful settlement of new territories
    established a method for establishing new states to the Union
    more than doubled the size of the United States
  • Q4
    From 1690 to 1760, Parliament and the king of England allowed colonists in America to exercise a great deal of control over local and regional matters. Historians have described this practice as "salutary neglect." Which of the following happened as a direct result of this policy?
    Many proprietary colonies were converted to royal colonies
    Many colonies sought economic aid from other countries
    the colonies developed a strong tradition of self-government
    The colonies refused to participate in a system of common defense
  • Q5
    What was the significance of the Virginia House of Burgesses?
    The assembly served as a model for other colonial legislatures
    The king revoked Virginia's charter because the assembly became too powerful.
    The assembly sent delegates to Parliament to represent Virginia
    Colonists used the assembly to overrule decisions of the royal governor

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