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Flocabulary- Persuasive Language

Quiz by Hannah Kania

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    People use persuasive language to
    teach someone how to do something
    paint a picture with words
    convince someone to act or agree
  • Q2
    After reading a strong persuasive message a person most likely would
    agree with the message
    feel happy
    learn how to do something
  • Q3
    Which of the following would be the STRONGEST argument to persuade you to buy a new video game?
    The video game has OK graphics
    The video game is expensive.
    The video game won an award for Game of the Year!
  • Q4
    A salesperson uses persuasion to get you to
    buy a product
    do research
    learn how to do something
  • Q5
    The goal of an argument (persuade) is
    learn something
    sound smart
    get someone to see your point of view
  • Q6
    Which one of these has the WEAKEST argument to persuade your parents to let you see a movie?
    It only costs $10.
    The movie is a little violent.
    you saved your allowance to go
  • Q7
    To persuade someone you need to
    describe your feelings
    whine and complain
    give strong reasons
  • Q8
    A strong argument is
    a good reason that would convince someone to act or agree
    how to do something
    will be entertaining
  • Q9
    The goal of a persuasive letter is to
    describe a place
    write to a friend
    convince someone to act or agree
  • Q10
    To argue means to
    you should whine and cry
    give calm good reasons to convince someone to act or agree
    you should be loud

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