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Flocabulary Unit 2: Kat and Mouse

Quiz by Michael Riddick

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    1. The principal said he'll have to Deena from school if she gets into trouble again
    D. document
    B. escalate
    C. access
    A. suspend
  • Q2
    2. My memories before the age of 3 are pretty .
    A. oasis
    D. craved
    B. mischief
    C. hazy
  • Q3
    3. My blind uncle's seeing-eye dog is his constant ; the two go everywhere together
    C. document
    B. oasis
    D. companion
    A. mischief
  • Q4
    4. Marco is a learner; he'd much rather see how something is done than read the instructions.
    C. suspended
    B. visual
    A. access
    D. documented
  • Q5
    5. After the age of 70, people's health problems usually .
    D. access
    B. suspend
    C. crave
    A. escalate
  • Q6
    6. Which of the following is an example of the word access?
    A. a trick your class plays on your teacher
    C. a pool of water in the middle of the desert
    B. a friend who has been in your life for a long time
    D. an open gate that leads to the beach
  • Q7
    7. Someone who liked to sky-dive (with a parachute) would most likely crave
    B. hitting the ground
    C. birds
    A. adventure
    D. chicken
  • Q8
    8. On which day is it most common for people to cause mischief?
    C. Thanksgiving
    B. April Fool's Day
    D. President's Day
    A. the Fourth of July
  • Q9
    9. Which of the following is an example of the word oasis?
    A. a book you have to read for class
    B. a busy street full of people
    D. a park you like to visit to get away from your troubles
    C. a party you must attend to impress someone you like
  • Q10
    10. Which of these is a document?
    D. a waterfall
    C. a monkey
    B. a letter
    A. a hammer

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