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Floor 7 CFA

Quiz by Jenny Pomeroy

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Based on Buck's conversation with Will on page 93, the reader can conclude that -
    Buck belives that Shawn was more trustworthy with a gun than Will
    Buck thinks that Will will not appreciate his mentorship
    Will will not be able to live up to Buck's expectations
    Buck's desire was to mentor Shawn to respect how things are in his neighborhood
  • Q2
    What does the anagram on pg 88 emphasize?
    the contrast between Will's and Buck's life
    that Will is optimistic about the outcome of his plan
    that Will's view of life is not clear because of his limited perspective and life experience.
    that Will has never felt more alive and free
  • Q3
    Will's response to meeting Buck on page 87 adds to the conflict by -
    leading Buck to compare Will to his brother Shawn
    forcing Will to stand up to Buck
    increasing Will's internal conflict about his plan
    causing Will to have to confront Buck about Shawn's past violence
  • Q4
    The first-person point of view in L Stood For "Loser" (pg 75) allows the author to -
    emphasize Shawn's struggle in order to understand Will's feelings
    share Will's feelings and perspective about his life
    show's the man with the gold chains opinion about the L button
    highlight the contrast between the two brothers' experiences
  • Q5
    Which line from pg 102-106 best illustrates an increase in the overall conflict?
    "if I had even checked to see if the gun was loaded."
    "resisted and resisted,laughed and laughed,"
    "How many should there be? I asked. Sixteen, but whatever.
    "Then the elevator came to a stop."

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