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Quiz by Rana Shadid

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6 questions
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  • Q1

    What do you eat in the morning?

    c) Breakfast

    b) Dinner

    a) Lunch

  • Q2

    When do you usually eat lunch?

    b) In the morning

    c) Around noon

    a) In the evening

  • Q3

    If you're very hungry, what can you say to express it?

    a) "I'm thirsty."

    b) "I'm hungry."

    c) "I'm full."

  • Q4

    How do you ask for a glass of water when you're thirsty? please?"

    a) "Can I have some soup?"

    c) "Can I have a glass of water,

    b) "I'm hungry."

  • Q5

    Can you name three things you might have for dinner?

    c) Cereal, juice, and fruit

    b) Breakfast, lunch, and snacks 

    a) Chicken, rice, and vegetables

  • Q6

    What meal comes between breakfast and dinner?

    c) Brunch

    b) Supper

    a) Lunch


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