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Football and Volleyball

Quiz by Anthony Miranda

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    The line on a football field that marks the beginning and front of the end zone. There are two on the football field
    goal line
  • Q2
    The football players who catch the football.
  • Q3
    This is the football player that starts each play. He takes the snap from the center and either runs with it, hands off the football to another player, or passes it.
  • Q4
    When a football player causes the player carrying the ball to touch the ground such that they are considered down.
  • Q5
    A score, worth six points, that occurs when a player in
  • Q6
    Goal Line
    possession of the ball crosses the plane of the opponent's goal line.
  • Q7
    A three point score, when the kicker kicks the football above the crossbar and between the uprights of the goalpost
    field goal
  • Q8
    when a player serves the ball and the opposing team is unable to pass it.
  • Q9
    the act of scoring a point by slamming the ball over the net into the opposing court effectively and aggressively
  • Q10
    If your team wins the point when the other team is serving, then the person in the front right moves to the right back, becoming the new server. If your team is serving and you win a point, you do not rotate, but stay in the same position
  • Q11
    A block in volleyball is when one team makes a move trying to get the ball over the net and the other team reaches up and blocks the ball from coming onto their side. If the ball lands back on the original team's side, it is the other teams point

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