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Quiz by Kyal Pruitt

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  • Q1

    Which statement best describes the status of African Americans immediately after the end of Reconstruction in 1877?

    Political rights were guaranteed in the South.

    African Americans still struggled with equal rights despite new amendments

    Most were able to have educational opportunities at colleges.

    Most held factory jobs in urban areas

  • Q2

    What actions were used by southern states to limit the voting rights of African American men?

    poll taxes

    all of these

    literacy tests 

    grandfather clauses

  • Q3

    Booker T. Washington stated that the best way for formerly enslaved persons to advance in American society was to...

    leave their farms in the South and move North

    pursue economic gains through vocational training

    form a separate political party

    Run for political office

  • Q4

    Which newspaper headline would have appeared during the Reconstruction period after the Civil War?

    "Jim Crow Laws End"

    "Supreme Court Issues Dred Scott Decision"

    "Former Slaves Made Citizens"

    "Emancipation Proclamation Issued"

  • Q5

    What amendment guaranteed the right to vote for African American men?

    21st amendment

    19th amendment

    13th amendment

    15th amendment


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