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  • Q1

    Students have short and tall ramps, and toy cars with which to create an investigation. Which of the following is a testable question they could answer in an investigation using these materials?

    How does ramp height affect the distance the car rolls?

    What kind of scientist can best explain how cars work?

    What kind of material should be used to make roads?

    Which kind of toy car is the overall best kind to buy?

  • Q2

    By changing the surface over which a ball rolls, students could investigate the effect of which of the following?

    Type one of the following: magnetism, rotation, friction, electricity

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  • Q3

    Which two tools would be most useful in investigating how the mass of an object can affect the distance it moves with a push?

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  • Q4

    Students conducted an investigation in which they rolled marbles across different surfaces to measure the effect of the force of friction on each surface.

    Friction slows down and stops objects. Sort the object by which surface will have the greatest amount of friction to the least. 

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  • Q5

    A student wants to see how the size of an iron ball is affected by gravity. Which of the following would have to remain the same for the investigation to be successful?

    Volume and material used

    Mass and shape of object

    Material used and shape of object

    Mass and volume

  • Q6

    A teacher attaches pictures to the dry-erase board using adhesive tape during a sorting activity. The next day, one of the pictures was found on the ground. Which force acted upon the picture, causing it to fall?





  • Q7

    A worker is constructing playground equipment for the park and dropped a box of nails and bolts. Will a magnet be helpful to the builder?

    True or False
  • Q8

    A man is kayaking in a river for a fun day of fishing. How does using the paddle affect the motion of the boat?

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    The friction between the paddle and water cause the boat to move forward

    Gravity causes the boat to move when the paddle is lowered down into the water.

    Pulling the paddle causes the boat to move in the opposite direction of the pull.

    Pulling the paddle causes the boat to move in the same direction of the pull.

  • Q9

    Which force most likely causes the skateboarder to skate down the half-pipe ramp over and over again?

    Type one of the following: magnetism, gravity, friction, pushing

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  • Q10

    In a science classroom, the students performed an investigation, which included the procedural steps listed.


    Hold a small paper boat in one hand.

    Pour a small amount of iron fillings mixed with salt in the paper boat.

    What type of force could be used to move the iron fillings?

    Type one of the following: gravity, friction, magnetism, push/pull

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