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Force and Motion Review

Quiz by Catherine Gilbert

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25 questions
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  • Q1
    Jordan and Lennox are competing to see who can throw a softball the farthest distance. Jordan threw the softball 42 yards. Which will most likely cause Lennox to throw a softball farther than Jordan?
    changing the direction in which she throws the ball
    none of the choices are correct.
    throwing the ball with a greater amount of force
    adding additional mass to the softball
  • Q2
    A soccer player kicks a soccer ball across a field. Which factor has the MOST effect on the distance the soccer ball travels?
    the temperature of the air
    the length of the field
    the force of the kick
    the color of the ball
  • Q3
    The following trucks are pushed with the same amount of force. Which truck will roll the farthest?
    Question Image
    Truck 1
    Truck 4
    Truck 2
    Truck 3
  • Q4
    A merry-go-round is spinning in the direction of the arrow. Myra wants to stop the merry-go-round. Which picture BEST shows a force she can apply to the merry-go-round that will make it stop?
    Question Image
    Merry-go-round C
    Merry-go-round A
    Merry-go-round D
    Merry-go-round B
  • Q5
    Zoey pulled an empty cart to the library. When she leaves the library, the cart is full of books. How does the force of friction on the cart change?
    The force of friction increases because the force of gravity decreases.
    The force of friction decreases because there is more air pressure.
    The force of friction increases because there is more mass.
    The force of friction stays the same because Maria is still pulling the cart with the same force.

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