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Forces and Motion (5P.1.1)

Quiz by Nouline Sherman

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The gravitational force of the Sun is strong enough to hold all the planets of the solar system in orbit many millions of miles away. Which BEST describes why objects having far less mass on the surface of these planets are not pulled off and into the Sun?
    The objects have too little mass to be affected by the Sun.
    The objects have more mass on the planets than on the Sun.
    The objects are more strongly affected by the gravity of the planet on which they are found.
    The objects are held by the greater combined gravity of all the planets.
  • Q2
    Which investigation will BEST test the effects of gravity on moving objects?
    a bicycle speeding up on a flat surface
    a ball slowing down on a flat surface
    balloons floating upward from the same height
    pencils falling from the same height
  • Q3
    A rocket is traveling toward space. What force must the rocket act against as it moves away from Earth?
  • Q4
    Which investigation BEST measures the gravitational force on a toy car?
    pushing the car and measuring how far it travels before it stops
    rolling the car down a steep ramp and measuring time
    throwing the car in the air and measuring how far it goes before coming down
    using a spring scale and measuring the weight of the car
  • Q5
    Which is a force that keeps the planets in orbit around the Sun?
    solar energy
  • Q6
    Allen pushes a toy car across three different surfaces. He pushes the car across a wooden floor, a tile floor, and a carpeted floor. He notices it is hardest to push the toy car across the carpeted floor. Which is the MOST likely reason it is hardest to push the car across the carpet?
    The carpet pushes more against the car than the other surfaces.
    The carpet creates more friction than the other surfaces.
    The car is affected most by gravity on the carpeted floor.
    The car has more mass when it is on the carpeted floor.
  • Q7
    Lilly has a flat piece of paper and a ball of paper. She drops both papers at the same time from the same height. The ball of paper hits the ground first. Which force acts on the flat piece of paper that slows it down?
  • Q8
    A push or a pull on an object is an example of _____.
  • Q9
    Gravity on Earth is caused by
    the rotation of Earth.
    the revolution of Earth.
    weather patterns on Earth.
    the mass of Earth.
  • Q10
    Christina kicks a ball. The ball moves faster when she kicks it on the concrete sidewalk than when she kicks it on the grass. Why does the ball travel slower on the grass than the sidewalk?
    The grass attracts more wind.
    The grass has more friction.
    The grass increases Earth’s gravity.
    The grass has a higher temperature.

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