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Formative Assessment in English Grade 10

Quiz by CID Office SDO Balanga

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    What line in the poem tells about time and season?

    Question Image

    Line 10

    Line 4

    Line 6

    Line 14

  • Q2

    What EMOTION does the last stanza evoke in you?





  • Q3

    What literary device is used in this line:  “like a miser looking for his treasure”?





  • Q4

    The text implicitly stated that President Ramon Magsaysay was ___________.

    Question Image

    a man of principle

    a man of disguise

    man of action

    a man of values

  • Q5

    The statement, “Then you will have the artesian well here right away”, as directly stated in the text is a/an ________________.

    explicit information

    first hand information

    implicit information 

    general information

  • Q6

    The purpose of the author in writing the text is to ____________.





  • Q7

    What is the assumed meaning reflected in this comic strip?

    Question Image

    Some girls have difficulty with Math.

    Boys and girls have difficulty with Math.

    All the girls have difficulty with Math.

    Only girls who are studying have difficulty with Math.

  • Q8

    Which of the following  is NOT TRUE based from the text above?

    Question Image

    Participants of pageants were being exploited.

    Pageants promote tourism.

    These competitions allow the contestants to showcase their values.

    Pageants are for everyone.

  • Q9

    Which among the following best described the concept of university?

    Question Image

    university is the alma mater of rich and poor citizens which aside from their practical use are the things that bring out the greatness in the heart of men.

    university is the shoulder of great men, and a university is great because of the great men it produces.

    university is the center of population of learning.

    university refers to the aggregates of the masters and politicians.

  • Q10

    How can a university be a center of learning?

    free heart to love the profession of the designated course

    free will for the good education in terms of good facilities

    free soul to serve people who are in need of education

    free minds work and study for advancement of science and scholarship


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