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  • Q1

    Identify whether the statement is Fact or Opinion.

    The first day of school is scary.



  • Q2

    What is the author's purpose in this passage?

     If you have ever heard a dolphin make noise, the sounds you hear can be described as whistles and clicks. Scientists think that dolphins even have a unique "signature whistle" that can be used to identify specific members of their pod. Dolphins can also communicate and navigate under the water using  echolocation. Echolocation is a process by which dolphins emit sound waves that bounce off of other objects under the water.





  • Q3

    Determine the type of conflict present in the situation.

    Your classmate is having a hard time to decide whether  he will  join the basketball team or not. He wanted to play in the team but he is not sure whether he can keep up with the pressure and schedule.

    man vs society

    man vs man

    man vs nature

    man vs. self

  • Q4

    What is the best supporting statement for this?

    Dogs are honest friends.

    Dogs usually eat fish, meat, milk, and rice.

    Dogs will not leave their master.

    Dogs see their masters coming home from work.

    Dogs are always ready to save a friend.

  • Q5

    Give the type of conflict in this statement.

    Cruz family lost everything when Typhoon Yolanda 

    man vs man

    man vs society

    man vs nature 

    man vs nature

  • Q6

    Draw a conclusion based from this statement.

    There was a bloodstained in my bed upon waking up, one Saturday morning.

    I accidentally killed the mosquito when it bit me.

    My bedsheet was red.

    There was a ketchup on my bedheet.

    A red ink was spilled on my bed.

  • Q7


                 Ramadan is the ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is considered a Holy month.Muslims believe it is the tie when the sacred Quran was revealed. Ramadan is a time for fasting. During Ramadan, Muslims do not eat and drink at daylight. They only eat before dawn and after sunset. They eat pre-fast meal ( suhoor ) before dawn and their post-fast meal (iftar) after sunset. They also keep away from sinful acts and spend their time mostly in prayers. According to Muslims, this will teach them patience and modesty, and will cleanse their souls of past sins.

             The entire month of Ramadan is a time for contemplation and worship. Muslims set aside the concerns of their daily lives and devote their time praying and studying the Quran. They recite a special prayer called Taraweeh in addition to their daily prayers, and they go to the Masjid(their Mosque) to pray and study the Quran. The end of fasting is celebrated for three days in a holiday called Eid-ul-Furt or Feast of Fast Breaking. This mars the end of Ramadan. During this holiday, Muslim families and friends gather to pray in congregation and for the large meals.  In some cities, fairs are held to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

    How does Ramadan end?

    Feast of sacrifice

    Feast of Fast Breaking

    Birthday of the Prophet

    Day of Arafah

  • Q8

    What is Ramadan?

    Season of Sacrifices

    Prayer and Fasting

    Day of celebrations

    Lenten Season

  • Q9

    Why is Ramadan important to the Muslim people?

    It teaches them patience, modesty and cleanses their soul of the past sins.

    It prepares them to better opportunities.

    It makes them happy.

    It disciplines them.

  • Q10

    Make an inference in this statement.

    Lyka is seen at the gym every afternoon because she wants to earn extra money.

    Lyka is a gym instructor in the afternoon

    She accompanies her friends there

    She wants to lose weight

    She is the owner of the gym.


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