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Formative Assessment in Science Grade 3

Quiz by CID Office SDO Balanga

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    The color of the ball is red. The ball is small. Its shape is a circle. It is rough when you touch it. What state of matter does the ball can be represented with its color, shape and texture
  • Q2
    Which state of matter do oxygen and carbon dioxide can be classified?
  • Q3
    Which of the following functions best describes tongue?
    It helps you hear sound.
    It helps you taste food.
    It helps you touch and feel.
    It helps you see things around us
  • Q4
    Which of the following functions best describes ears?
    It helps you see things around us
    It helps you taste food.
    It helps you hear sound.
    It helps you touch and feel.
  • Q5
    Based on the picture, how would you describe the location of the baseball bat?
    Question Image
    It is under the box .
    It is on top of the box.
    It is on the side of the box.
    It is on the front part of the box.
  • Q6
    Jose placed a marble in the center of the table. The marble rolled to the table’s edge. What is the marble’s reference point?
    under the table
    center of the table
    edge of the table
    near the table
  • Q7
    You hung your clothes outside the house but after a few hours, you noticed the clouds above the sky is low and dark. What do the clouds indicate?
    The weather will be the same.
    The sun will shine.
    The rain may fall.
    There will be a storm.
  • Q8
    The weather is fine in the morning then it rains in the afternoon. What do you infer from the given situations about the weather?
    changes only when it reaches the prescribed time
    stays the same for the whole day
    changes from day to day and from time to time
    does not change for a long time
  • Q9
    You are planning to play in the park but the heavy rain starts to pour. What will you do?
    Continue the plan of playing outside.
    Stay at home and wait for the rain to stop.
    Wear raincoat while playing in the park.
    Ask your sibling to accompany you outside.
  • Q10
    During rainy days when the weather is cold, diseases like cough, cold, flu, diarrhea and dengue are very common. Which of the following actions will you take to protect yourself from getting sick?
    Stay at home, drink plenty of water and take vitamins.
    Let empty containers outside be filled with stagnant water.
    Wear thin clothes to be more comfortable.
    Go outside and play under the rain.

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