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Formulating a Hypothesis

Quiz by Kathlyn Lim

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    A hypothesis is a tentative prediction of the result of the research.

    True or False
  • Q2

    Which of the following is the best example of a null hypothesis?

    There will be no relationship between the number of one’s Tiktok followers and level of confidence.

    As the number of one’s TikTok followers increases, one’s confidence level will increase.

    As the number of one’s TikTok followers decreases, one’s confidence level will decrease.

    The decrease in the number of one’s TikTok will cause a decrease in one’s confidence level.

  • Q3

    If the null hypothesis states, 'There is no relationship between the amount of sleep a person gets each night and the amount of coffee they drink,' which of the following could be an example of an alternative hypothesis for this study?

    As the amount of sleep a person gets each night decreases, the amount of coffee they drink increases.

    As the amount of sleep a person gets each night increases, the amount of tea they drink decreases.

    If a person drinks coffee before going to sleep at night, they will have more dreams.

    The amount of coffee a person drinks does not affect the sleep a person gets

  • Q4

    A hypothesis is NOT ______.

    a guess that directs the course of a research

    an informed assumption about a certain phenomenon, predicting a factor or interpreting an observation

    an educated claim

  • Q5

    The null hypothesis is the hypothesis that advances an indifferent proposition whereby empirical data examination results in no statistical significance between the two research variables in question.




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