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Fossils 3rd Grade Stemscopes

Quiz by Cristina Vargas

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Students notice a fossil of seaweed in a rock found in a forest in the middle of Georgia. What conclusion could they form based on this evidence?
    Weathering and erosion break down rocks.
    Ancient animals ate seaweed to get energy.
    Part of Georgia was once under salt water.
    Trees in the forest need sunlight in order to grow.
  • Q2
    Students layered a container with sand and soil. They added a small chicken bone between the layers. What step in the process of making fossils does this model?
    Earthquakes push fossils to the surface.
    Plants give energy to animals.
    Water carries minerals through the soil.
    Parts of a living thing are buried.
  • Q3
    What can we learn from studying the fossils in a certain area?
    How much sunlight the area received.
    How much rain fell in the area last year.
    The direction the wind used to blow in the past.
    The kinds of animals that lived in the area.
  • Q4
    The illustration shows a map with four locations and the fossils found there. A fossil shark tooth was also found. In which area was the shark tooth most likely found?
    Question Image
    Area D
    Area A
    Area B
    Area C
  • Q5
    The illustration shows a fossil of a dinosaur skull. Which of the following best explains why this fossil is not made of bone but rock?
    Question Image
    The dinosaur died in the ocean and sank to the bottom.
    The dinosaur ate many plants that contained minerals.
    The dinosaur died when a rock fell on it and crushed it.
    The dinosaur skull changed from bone to rock in the ground.

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