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  • Q1
    The term ____________________, is the feeling that guests take with them from their experience with an operation?
  • Q2
    Fact or Fiction- the appearance of all restaurant and food service staff also impacts the first impression that guests have toward an operation?
  • Q3
    Dressing appropriately, wearing minimal jewelry and make-up, and ____________________ should all be taken into account when staff present themselves to guests or represent an operation?
    music level
    good personal hygiene
    cool looking shoes
    latest set of airbuds
  • Q4
    When handling guest complaints, the first thing you should do is?
    walk away- it's not your problem
    pass the buck
    give the guest a free dessert- it's what they really want
    listen to the guest to understand the issue
  • Q5
    Which action should you not take when handling a guest complaint?
    be patient
    become defensive and angry
    listen to what the guest is saying
    treat the guest with respect
  • Q6
    An operation ensures that the exterior of the facility is spotless and well kept, and the staff frequently rehearses the restaurant's greeting script. What is the most likely outcome of this operations efforts?
    table service will become slower but more thorough
    guests will have a positive first impression of the operation
    decrease in profits
    higher turnover
  • Q7
    Guests needs are wildly important to the success of the operations. A few examples of guest needs categories are?
    favorite movie and roller coaster
    what kind of car they own
    dietary needs, first time guests, families w/ children, and special occasions
    favorite sports teams and beverages
  • Q8
    Staff should never do the following in front of guests?
    use terms like "yes ma'am" and "no sir"
    eat, drink, smoke, or use cell phones
    wash hands and show good personal hygiene
    offer substitutions or modifications for dietary restrictions
  • Q9
    According to a 2013 study from the CDC, an estimated _________________ americans had food allergies and sensitivities?
    15 million
    292 million
    2.3 million
  • Q10
    ADA is an acronym for what law that prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all places open to the public?
    American Discount Agency
    American Department of Agriculture
    Americans with Disabilities Act
    Americans with Dairy Allergies

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