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  • Q1
    The correct way to scoop ice for a guest's beverage is to use?
    the guests cup
    clean glasses
    ice scoops
    clean bare hands
  • Q2
    The purpose of a food safety management system is to?
    identify and control possible hazards
    keep all areas of the facility clean and pest free
    identify, tag, and repair faulty equipment within the operation
    identify, document, and use the correct methods for receiving
  • Q3
    Which method is the correct way to cool food?
    in a freezer
    in an ice-water bath
    in dry storage
    on the counter
  • Q4
    Which method is a correct method for thawing frozen food?
    using a steamer
    cook the food frozen
    on a counter
    in a cooler
  • Q5
    All of these steps must be done when transporting food off-site except what?
    pack food in insulated containers
    store raw and RTE food separately
    provide directions to the site
    label food correctly
  • Q6
    Fact or Fiction- freezing food kills pathogens on the food?
  • Q7
    Hot held TCS food should be held at a minimum of what temperature zone during service?
    120 degrees or higher
    41 degrees or higher
    130 degrees or higher
    135 degrees or higher
  • Q8
    Cold TCS food should be held at a maximum of what temperature zone during service?
    50 degrees or lower
    46 degrees or lower
    45 degrees or lower
    41 degrees or lower
  • Q9
    When holding TCS food for service- the food temperatures should be checked how often?
    every five hours
    at least every four hours
    at least every shift
    at least every six hours
  • Q10
    Fact or Fiction- it is acceptable to use hot holding equipment to reheat food for service?

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