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Foundations 2 Chapter 10 Mark III

Quiz by Christopher Wright

Grades 9-12
Hospitality and Tourism
Ohio Career Tech

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    If 14 people take 2 hrs to do a job- how many man hours is that?
  • Q2
    The average cost of replacing an employees is?
    $3,000.00 +
    couple hundo
  • Q3
    If a new office building opens across the street from your restaurant- you should?
    schedule normal but only serve new guests
    Schedule a couple more staff to accommodate the influx of new business
    Let it ride- nothing like a good beat down
    Add at least ten staff members
  • Q4
    Productivity is.....
    the effectiveness of productive effort measured in terms of input and output
    the rate of a biomass
    a theory
    a snappy new jello flavor
  • Q5
    If a manufacturing plant is shutting down across from your restaurant- you should?
    lower guest projections and sales
    send them coupons
    call security
    toss them a going away party
  • Q6
    Preportioning is defined as?
    something to do with deli meats and the lady at kroger
    guessing at the amount needed
    something done in all restaurants to ensure accuracy
    measuring out accurate ingredient quantities for use during production
  • Q7
    At the start, or opening, of a given inventory period, calculate total values of each item by?
    subtract the unit cost of the item by the number of items
    add the unit cost of the item by the number of items
    dividing the unit cost of the item by the number of items
    multiplying the unit cost of the item by the number of items in inventory
  • Q8
    Food cost divided by what factor equals food cost percentage?
    Gross Profit
  • Q9
    A recipe cost card is?
    used to calculate the standard portion cost of a recipe
    used to calculate food cost
    used to wave at people when they drive by
    used to determine the cost of the card
  • Q10
    What does inventory represent?
    The amount of product purchased
    The dollar amount of food purchased
    The dollar amount of food sold
    The dollar value of food product in storage

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