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Foundations of Government Test

Quiz by Sara Leigh-Manuell

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21 questions
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  • Q1
    What feature of the Northwest Ordinance had a really big impact on the EXPANSION of the United States?
    it described how new states could be added to the union
    it ended slavery
    it stopped all transportation west
    it created cash crops
  • Q2
    Why were the Anti-Federalists so upset about signing our new Constitution?
    It was not long enough
    It said that the king was still in charge
    It did not have enough laws to rule us
    It did not have a Bill of Rights, and we needed that to protect us!
  • Q3
    Why was the Great Compromise really important?
    It created a bicameral (two-house) legislature to make both the large and small states happy
    It supported slavery in the south
    It created a one-house legislature to make the large states happy and the small states sad
    It created NO legislature or laws
  • Q4
    Who thought the slaves should be counted for the purpose of TAXATION?
    The South states
    The North states
    The East states
    The West states
  • Q5
    Why was the economy under the Articles of Confederation not very good?
    The states paid their taxes on time which helped the government
    The people started moving west to claim fertile land
    Each state could print its own money which made money lose its value
    The king forced soldiers into the colonists homes
  • Q6
    What was the purpose of the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist Papers?
    They passed laws supporting railroads
    They tried to influence people to believe a certain way about the Constitution (think...propaganda!)
    They tried to get people to support the king
    They tried to support slavery
  • Q7
    What did the Federalists believe?
    They believed in having a STRONG government and they agreed with the Constitution
    They believed in having a WEAK government and hated the idea of the Consitution
  • Q8
    What were two achievements (good accomplishments) under the Articles of Confederation?
    We had no chief executive and our economy was terrible
    Slavery spread and we had no money
    Shays Rebellion and not being able to raise an army
    The Northwest Ordinance became a law and we won our independence from Great Britain
  • Q9
    The large states and small states had a HUGE conflict over the issue of what?
    cash crops
    representation in Congress
    westward expansion
  • Q10
    At the end of the Revolutionary War, what was a big ECONOMIC issue we had to deal with?
    Paying back our war debt
    housing soldiers
    crossing the Appalachian Mts.
    traveling the Mississippi River
  • Q11
    Why couldn't America protect itself and our borders under the Articles of Confederation?
    Congress had three branches
    Congress had no courts to solve state problems
    Congress could NOT draft an army
    Congress let states print their own money
  • Q12
    What were two features of the Articles of Confederation?
    It was a perfect government that we still have today
    It could force people to join the army and pay taxes
    It was a loose union of states and only had ONE branch of government
    It was ruled by a king and had three branches of government
  • Q13
    What were two problems/conflicts that happened under the Articles of Confederation?
    having a king and unfair laws
    slavery and quartering troops
    Boston Massacre and starvation
    Shays Rebellion and solving trade problems between states
  • Q14
    How do citizens now view the government after the Revolutionary War?
    The king should force us to pay taxes
    Slavery should be legal
    The king should have all the power
    The government should get its power from the people
  • Q15
    What is the main difference between the Land Ordinance and the Northwest Ordinance?
    They both did not exist
    The Land Ordinance focused on dividing the land, and the Northwest Ordinance focused on governing the land
    The Land Ordinance focused on trade routes south, and the Northwest Ordinance expanded slavery
    They both were the exact same

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