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Foundations: Week 1 Mid-Week

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Julie, the owner of World Explorers Travel Agency, calls because she will be adding a second location in another state. Currently based in North Carolina, she plans to expand her business into Florida next month. Her North Carolina location is set up on Taxpay and she would like to do the same with her Florida location. She needs to know what you need to activate Taxpay for Unemployment Taxes in that state. Using your resources, let Julie know if 'APPLIED FOR' coding is accepted while we wait for Julie's Florida Unemployment ID number. 

    Florida does not have State Unemployment Taxes

    We cannot add this agency to Taxpay

    Yes, APPLIED FOR is accepted for FL SUI

    No, APPLIED FOR is NOT accepted for FL SUI

  • Q2

    Penny, from Penny's Pet Palace, calls in because she is expanding her empire to the state of Tennessee. She applied for her Tennessee state unemployment ID number on Monday and would like to know how long she can expect to wait for her ID number. Using your resources, what will you tell her?

    Penny, I see that you cannot apply online for an unemployment ID number. Try calling your local office to determine your ID number. 

    Penny, I see that you do not need an ID number because there is no state withholding in Tennessee. 

    Penny, I see that it can take up to one week to receive your ID number.

    Penny, I see that you need to complete a POA in order for me to discuss this with you. Please complete that and then give us a callback. 

  • Q3

    Richard, from Jack's Apple Orchard, calls to add a new hire in the state of Arkansas. He wants to pay the employee minimum wage, but he's not sure what the minimum wage is. Using your resources, what is Arkansas' minimum wage?





  • Q4

    Andy, the payroll admin at Johnny's Karate School in Indiana, calls because he will be hiring a non-resident employee that will be working in Indiana. He needs to know which states, if any, have a reciprocal agreement with Indiana and what form is required from the employee, if applicable. 

    Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have a reciprocal agreement and need form WH-47

    No states have a reciprocal agreement with Indiana

    Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin have a reciprocal agreement, but there is no form required

    Indiana does not have State Income Tax, so this is not applicable

  • Q5

    While reviewing totals with Jill from Scrubs Plus, she asks for a breakdown of the taxes that need to be paid to the IRS for Federal Tax Liability. Which taxes would you provide to her? Sort the taxes into Federal Tax Liability or Other Taxes

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  • Q6

    Malcolm, from Pushkin Industries, processes payroll with $150,000 of Federal Tax Liability. He is a monthly depositor. Sort the following statements into True or False as it relates to his tax deposit.

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  • Q7

    Match the tax return with the taxes they reconcile.

    Click the tax return, then click the box that the tax return reconciles. If you want to change your selection, click the answer to remove it from the selected box. 

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  • Q8

    Adrian, from Balboa Boxing, calls wanting to know how much her employee, Mickey, will be paid. He is a salaried employee who earns $1,200 per pay period. He also has an expense reimbursement this pay period for $25 and a garnishment of $200. He owes $355.80 in taxes. How much will Mickey be paid this pay period?





  • Q9

    Dawson, from Pacie's Creek, calls in to ask about his payroll journal. When he reported his employees' cash tips it specified on the payroll journal that they do not increase net pay. Why would this be the case?

    Cash Tips do not need to be reported on client and employee tax return, therefore they do not increase net pay. 

    Cash Tips are an Other Item. The employees already took home the cash tips, so they do not need to be paid again. 

    Cash Tips are an Other Earning. The earning was coded in error. 

    Cash Tips are a reimbursement, so they do not affect net pay.

  • Q10

    Match the following items with their correct WORTD category.

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