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Foundations: Week 3 Mid-Week

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    Amy, from Amy's Bakery, calls to inform you that her employee, Kelsey, is moving from Illinois, where she works, to Wisconsin in two weeks. She will continue to work in Illinois. Amy wants to know what taxes she should set up for Kelsey. After Amy provides you with the addresses, which tool can you use to help get the recommended taxes for Kelsey? 


    Help Center



  • Q2

    Jade with Greens Unlimited has received multiple communications from Colorado agencies and is trying to determine if one of them reflects her Colorado Withholding id number so that she can send that in to be updated in our system. Using your resources, what is the id format that you will want to tell Jade to look for?

    Colorado does not have state withholding

    Federal ID without a dash



  • Q3

    Han from Out of this Galaxy Laughs just recently provided his Florida Unemployment ID number and needs to get this agency set up on our Taxpay service. What POA, if any, if needed for this process?

    Federal RAA

    Florida doesn't have unemployment taxes


  • Q4

    Igor from Viking Boat Repair calls to inform you that he is going to be hiring an employee who he will need Oregon withholding and unemployment for. Which screen in Core Advanced would you navigate to so you can add Oregon as a state on Igor's Account?

    Organization Structure

    Earnings and Deductions

    Taxes and Disability


  • Q5

    Harley with Red & Black Designs reports payroll on the Paychex Flex system and needs to know how she can add another state to her account as she is going to be entering a new employee shortly that will need to be set up in Kentucky. Where can she go to do this before she starts adding the new employee into the system?

    Company Details

    Company Settings

    People List

    This has to be done by Paychex in Core Advanced

  • Q6

    Chloe from Crystal's Spike Shop calls and tells you that she wants to process bonus checks with a take-home amount of $450 for some of her employees. She asks you which type of check she should choose once selecting to add a check to the employee. What is the best option for Chloe? 

    Net to Gross

    Regular Check

    Gross to Net

    Manual Check

  • Q7

    Sean from Fur Babies Resort forgot to include vacation hours on the last check for one of his employees. He is going to write a check for the employee but doesn't know what amount he should write the check for. He is going to have it included with the next payroll to produce a check stub for the employee's records because the employee needs the money right away. Which check option should be used to help Sean determine the amount?

    Regular Check

    Gross to Net

    Net to Gross

    Manual Check

  • Q8

    Jay from Fantasy Dragon Flights had an employee that did not provide him their sick hours for the previous pay period. He is currently working on his payroll and wants to create a separate check for the employee to reflect a different set of pay period dates. Which check type should he use to create the additional check?

    Manual Check

    Net to Gross

    Regular Check

    Gross to Net

  • Q9

    You are entering payroll for a client and they request to add an additional regular check to one of their employees. Which options allow you to complete this task in Core Advanced?


    Add Check Menu


  • Q10

    You have a Paychex Flex client who calls in because they need to know how to add a check to one of their employees while they are in the process of entering their payroll. Where do you direct them to while they are in Flex Payroll Entry to complete this task? For this scenario, the client is using the Grid View in Paychex Flex. 

    More Options

    Arrow to the Right of the EE Name then Add Row

    Arrow to the Right of the EE Name then Add New Check
    Arrow to the Right of the EE Name then Edit Full Check

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