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F&R BBL 1.1 Birmingham apartment

Quiz by marlies weesie

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  • Q1
    What kind of company is 'XXX'?
    a tourist information centre
    a hotel and apartment complex
    a holiday accommodation rating site
    an online booking agency
  • Q2
    What does the writer want 'XXX' to do?
    He wants 'XXX' to change some information on their website.
    He wants 'XXX' to upgrade the booking to the exclusive standard.
    He wants 'XXX' to admit the mistake they made on their website.
    He wants 'XXX' to take full responsibility for the incorrect information.
  • Q3
    What can be said about parking a car?
    The secure car park can only be used by guests booked into luxury apartments.
    It is safe to park a car in the car park because it is supervised at night.
    Parking a car in the secure car park does not automatically mean the car is safe.
  • Q4
    What can be said about the writer's feelings?
    The writer was confused because the apartment was not what he had expected.
    The writer was sad to find the apartment not as exclusive as promised.
    The writer was relieved that the apartment will be rated again.
    The writer was furious to find the apartment so different from the one advertised.

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