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Fraction Word Problems

Quiz by Lisa Wilham

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Two friends are debating who can run the greatest distance. Bob said he runs 8/10 of a mile and Ben said he can run 8/12 of a mile. Who runs the longest distance?
  • Q2
    There are three cakes on the counter that are the same size. Someone ate 3/4 of the first cake, 2/3 of the second cake, and 4/5 of the third. Which cake has more left over?
    The third cake
    The second cake
    The first cake
  • Q3
    Three friends were debating who has the most homework. John said he spent 4/5 of a hour on his homework. Tim spent 4/6 of an hour. Jose spent 4/8 of an hour on his. Who spent more time on homework?
  • Q4
    I have 1/10of a Twix bar left to eat. My sister gave me 6/10of a Twix bar. How much of a whole Twix bar do I have together?
    1/20 of a Twix Bar
    7/10 of a Twix Bar
    7/20 of a Twix Bar
    1/7 of a Twix Bar
  • Q5
    I am tearing down a fence at my house. On the first day we tore down 3/8 of the fence. On the second day, we tore down another 3/8 of the fence. How much of the fence is left to tear down?
    6/16 of the fence
    6/8 of the fence
    Nothing, the fence is all down.
    1/4 of the fence

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