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  • Q1
    Who is telling the story of Freak the Mighty?
    Killer Kane is the narrator
    Kevin is the narrator
    Gwen is the narrator
    Max is the narrator
  • Q2
    Who are Gram and Grim?
    Max's foster parents
    Max's grandparents, his mother's people, her parents
    Max's grandparents, his father's people, his parents
    The writer of the book
  • Q3
    Max sees Freak for the first time in day care. What does Max think of Freak?
    Max thinks Freak is a sad little kid.
    Max thinks Freak looks fierce; he thinks his crutches and leg braces are cool.
    Max thinks Freak is bossy.
    Max thinks Freak is trying to impress the other kids.
  • Q4
    Identify who HIM is.
    Max's father
    Tony D
    Kevin's father
  • Q5
    Why is Grim concerned about Maxwell?
    Grim is concerned because Max spends too much time in the basement.
    Grim is concerned because Max cannot read.
    Grim is concerned because Maxwell looks like his father and is afraid Max will inherit his father's character.
    Grim is concerned because Max has no friends.
  • Q6
    What didn't Max have until Freak moved down the street?
    a cousin
    a brain
    a reading coach
    a red wagon
  • Q7
    Describe the down under. Why does Max like the down under?
    The down under is the basement in the Testaments that his likes digging in the trash to find cans to sell.
    The down under is the prison where Max's father is. Max likes it because he knows his father can't get out.
    The down under is a little room Grim built for Max in the basement. Max likes it because he has it all to himself.
    The down under is an old, run down playground by the millpond where Max likes to daydream.
  • Q8
    The second time Max sees Freak, he is giving orders to the moving men. Describe how Freak looks when Max sees him this time.
    He is short with a small head and big ears.
    He has a normal sized head, but the rest of his body is shorter than a yard stick.
    He is tall for his age with a small head.
    He has long legs, short body, and normal sized head.
  • Q9
    What does Max retrieve from the tree for Freak?
    a plastic bird
    a flag
    a football
    a kite
  • Q10
    What observation does Max make about how Freak talks?
    Freak talks better than Max
    Freak talks like King Arthur
    Freak talks like a robot
    Freak talks like right out of a dictionary
  • Q11
    What does Freak do and say when Max asks him why he calls his mother "Fair Gwen of Air"?
    Freak tries not to show he is laughing on the inside and explains that his mother's name is "Gwen" so he calls her "Fair Gwen" after the King Arthur legend.
    Freak calls his mother and tells her what Max says.
    Freak just laughs at Max and doesn't say anything.
    Freak falls down laughing because he cannot believe Max would actually think he calls his mother "Fair Gwen of Air"
  • Q12
    What does Max know about King Arthur?
    That he created the Round Table
    Only that it is a brand of flour Gram uses
    That King Arthur pulled a magical sword from a stone.
    That he was the King of England
  • Q13
    Which is NOT Freak's version of the King Arthur legend?
    Arthur was a wimpy kid, an orphan
    King Arthur was the first king of England
    there was a magic sword stuck in a big stone
    There were dragon's and monsters in the world when King Arthur was King.
  • Q14
    Why is Freak really interested in the knights?
    He believes knights were the first human version of robots.
    He believes knights were the bravest men who ever lived.
    He wants to start a club about them
    He thinks everyone should be brave like them
  • Q15
    What does Freak tell Max about robots?
    Robots are only used on car assembly lines
    robots are only toys
    Robotics, the science of designing and building functional robots, is a huge industry
    Robotics, the science of designing and building functional robots, is only real in movies

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