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Freak the Mighty 14-16

Quiz by Leslie Kiser

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  • Q1
    Why does Freak NOT want Gwen to hear Max talking about the robot stuff?
    She thinks Freak will die.
    The idea of Freak being a robot makes her sad.
    The very idea strikes fear into her heart.
    She thinks Freak should keep it a secret.
  • Q2
    Why does Freak need a new body?
    Freak is small for his age.
    Freak's legs are too small for the rest of his body.
    Freak is growing on the inside but not the outside.
    Freak's head is too large for the rest of his body.
  • Q3
    While Max is in the down under wrapping Christmas presents he hears shouting. Why are Grim and Gram shouting?
    Gram wants Max to go back to the LD classes, but Grim doesn't agree.
    Grim wants a gun to protect his family, but Gram doesn't want a gun in the house.
    Grim wants to stop treating Max like a child.
    Grim is angry because Gram let Max stay home from school.
  • Q4
    What does Grim tell Max about his father?
    Grim tells Max he is up for parole.
    Grim tells Max he will never be allowed to see his father.
    Grim tells Max he will be going to live with his father.
    Grim tells Max his father will never get out of prison.
  • Q5
    On Christmas Eve what do Freak, Max, Grim, Gram and Gwen do?
    They all have dinner and pretend everything is normal; no one talks about HIM.
    They all have dinner and go to church.
    They all have dinner and talk about Killer Kane getting out of prison.
    They all have dinner at Grim and Grams and then go to Gwen's for dessert.
  • Q6
    Describe the box and gift Freak gives to Max Christmas Eve. What does Max think of his gift from Freak?
    The box is pointed and wrapped in Santa paper; inside is a book about King Arthur. Max was disappointed in the gift.
    The box is pointed at the top like a pyramid, wrapped in Sunday comics; inside the box is a dictionary that Freak has written for Max. Max thinks the dictionary is the best of all his gifts.
    The box is almost as big as Max, wrapped in green paper; there is nothing inside the box. Max did not like the joke at all.
    The box is a pyramid, wrapped in red paper; inside is a Swiss Army knife. Max thinks it is the coolest knife he has ever seen.
  • Q7
    What happens to Max during the night on Christmas Eve?
    His father sneaks into his room.
    Grim tells Max he will have to see his father when he gets out of prison.
    Max dreams about King Arthur and the Fair Gwen
    Freak comes to get him for another quest.
  • Q8
    What does Max's father tell him is the truth?
    He tells Max his mother is still alive, and that is the truth.
    He tells Max he never killed anybody, and that is the truth.
    He tells Max he killed his mother, and that is the truth.
    He tells Max Iggy killed his mother, and that is the truth.
  • Q9
    What has Max always feared about his father?
    Max always feared his father would come for him in the night.
    Max always feared his father would escape from jail one day.
    Max always feared being like his father.
    Max always feared his father would hurt Grim and Gram.
  • Q10
    Where does Killer Kane take Max on Christmas Eve?
    He takes Max to Freak's house; he holds Gwen, Freak and Max hostage.
    He doesn't take him anywhere; he hides in the down under.
    He takes Max to Iggy and Loretta's apartment in the New Testaments.
    He takes Max to another state to hide out.
  • Q11
    Why does the author title Chapter 15 "What Came Down the Chimney?"
    because Killer Kane comes down the chimney to get to the down under.
    because it is Christmas Eve and his father sneaks in like Santa.
    because his father falls down the chimney trying to get to him.
    because it is Christmas day and his father shows up as a surprise.
  • Q12
    Why do you think Max says his father doesn't need a suit of armor?
    because he is invincible.
    because he is so big and scary already.
    because he is an ex prisoner and doesn't need one for protection.
    because he is already a knight.
  • Q13
    What two words best describe Max's father?
    sorry one minute and not sorry the next
    hateful one minute and caring the next
    jealous one minute and mean the next.
    stupid one minute and mean the next
  • Q14
    How do Iggy and Loretta act towards Killer Kane?
    they seem afraid of him
    they hate him and tell him so
    they are so glad to see him
    they don't really care if he is there or not

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