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Freak the Mighty 20-22

Quiz by Leslie Kiser

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    What does Max do to help Loretta?
    Max hits his father to make him let go of Loretta's neck.
    Max takes Killer Kane's knife and threatens him with it.
    Max runs out of the building calling for the police to help Loretta.
    Max falls on top of Killer Kane to try to shove him off Loretta.
  • Q2
    What does Max remember as he sees his father strangling Loretta?
    He remembers Grim killing his mother.
    He remembers his father killing his mother.
    He remembers his mother leaving him and his dad.
    He remembers Iggy is the one who killed his mother.
  • Q3
    How does Killer Kane react to Max's memory about his mother's death?
    He is angry and hits Max.
    He tells Max he was only 4 years old and he couldn't possibly recall that event.
    He tells Max, "Memory is a tricky thing not to be trusted."
    He is happy Max has finally remembered the truth.
  • Q4
    What did Max do when he was four that cost Killer Kane years in jail?
    Max lied to the police when they asked him who killed his mother.
    After his father killed his mother, Max ran to a window, broke it with his hand, and yelled for someone to come help his mother.
    After his father killed his mother, Max testified against his father.
    Max told Grim and Gram what his father had done, and they put him in jail.
  • Q5
    Why does Max's father try to strangle him?
    Killer Kane says "he has to clean this up" and get rid of Max since he remembers that he killed his mother.
    Max is calling Iggy to come help save Loretta.
    Max threatens to go to the police and tell them about his mother.
    Max tries to save Loretta.
  • Q6
    Who comes to rescue Max and Loretta from Killer Kane?
    The police come to the rescue.
    Iggy comes to the rescue.
    Freak comes to the rescue.
    Grim comes to the rescue.
  • Q7
    How do Freak and Max get away from Killer Kane?
    Freak sprays Killer Kane with bleach.
    Freak squirts Killer Kane in the eyes with sulfuric acid.
    Freak squirts Killer Kane with a mixture of soap, vinegar and curry powder.
    Freak sprays Killer Kane with bug spray.
  • Q8
    What does everyone say would happen to Killer Kane now his has been caught?
    This time they would be locked up in a high security prison.
    He would be blind for the rest of his life.
    He would be out on parole in a few years.
    This time they would lock him up for good.
  • Q9
    What do the papers call Loretta Lee?
    The papers call her the Heroic Babe.
    The papers call her the Heroine Babe.
    The papers call her the Heroic Bike Babe.
    The papers call her the Heroic Biker Chick.
  • Q10
    What does Freak tell Max Dr. Spivak says about his unique status?
    Dr. Spivak says Freak's unique status makes him an object of intense curiosity.
    Dr. Spivak says Freak's unique status is questionable.
    Dr. Spivak says Freak's unique status makes is DNA very valuable.
    Dr. Spivak says Freak's unique status makes him eligible for the transplant.
  • Q11
    What is different about school after Christmas?
    Kevin becomes popular for saving Max's life and Max becomes jealous.
    Grim is still worried about Killer Kane so she will not let Max walk to school by himself.
    Everyone wants to be their friend now they are famous and in the paper.
    Everyone is jealous Max and Freak got their picture in the paper and Mrs. Donelli calls the the Dynamic Duo.
  • Q12
    What happens to Killer Kane?
    He proves that Iggy is the one who killed Max's mother.
    He is found guilty and has to serve life because of the three strikes rule.
    He is found guilty and has to serve 20 more years.
    He makes a deal and pleads guilty, which means he will serve out the rest of his original sentence plus 10 more years.
  • Q13
    Max is still upset about being like his father. What does Grim say to Max to try to make him feel better?
    "Even though you are the spitting image of your father, that doesn't mean you will get his personality."
    "Don't worry son; I'll keep you straight."
    "All you got from him is your looks and size. You've got your mother's heart and that's what counts."
    "You may look like your father but you act like your mother."

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