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Freak the Mighty 8-10

Quiz by Leslie Kiser

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  • Q1
    How do Grim and Gram react to Max's being a hero?
    Gram makes a fuss, and Grim calls Max "son" for the first time.
    Grim and Gram don't believe Max is a hero.
    Grim and Gram have a party to honor Max.
    Grim and Gram take Max to get his favorite ice cream.
  • Q2
    What does Max think about rescuing Freak?
    Max thinks he may not be as bad as everyone thinks.
    Max thinks it is not a big deal because he was saving himself too.
    Max thinks Freak rescued him with his genius brain.
    Max thinks he's really a hero.
  • Q3
    What does Gram ask Max to do with regards to the hoodlum boy (Tony D)? What is his response?
    She wants Max to promise her he will keep away from him; Max tells her he will run.
    She wants Max to be friends with Tony D; Max asks her if she's lost her mind.
    She wants Max to call the police if he sees Blade near their house; Max tells her people would laugh at him.
    She wants Max to beat him up the next time he comes near them; Max tells Gram she is really cool.
  • Q4
    What has become a habit for Max and Freak when they go out together?
    Max pulls Freak in the wagon around the neighborhood.
    Freak picks a new quest everyday, and Max goes along.
    Freak rides high on Max's shoulders and uses his feet to steer him.
    Freak teaches Max a new word everyday.
  • Q5
    What secret does Max promise to keep about the Medical Research building?
    It is a secret laboratory called the Experimental Disease Unit and they are looking to cure Freak's disease.
    It is called the Experimental Brain Unit and they study smart people like Freak.
    It is a secret laboratory called the Experimental Robot Unit and they make robots to help handicap people.
    It is a secret laboratory called the Experimental Bionics Unit; Freak will enter and become the first bionically improved human.
  • Q6
    What does Freak tell Max when he asks if the transplant will hurt and if it is dangerous?
    Freak says, "Maybe just a little, but it is not dangerous at all."
    Freak says, "Sure it will hurt. Life is dangerous."
    Freak says, "Bionic parts feel no pain. The only danger is broken parts."
    Freak says, "It will not hurt because I will be asleep. And it is not dangerous."
  • Q7
    What is the quest Freak and Max have to wait until exactly 3:00 in the morning to do?
    The quest is to recover King Arthur's crown.
    The quest is to slay a dragon.
    The quest is a treasure hunt.
    The quest is to rescue a damsel in distress.
  • Q8
    What is the treasure in the storm drain?
    The treasure is a gold ring.
    The treasure is a purse.
    The treasure is a wallet.
    The treasure is a money clip with money still attached.
  • Q9
    How did the treasure get into the storm drain?
    Lorretta dropped it while she was running from Tony D.
    Tony D put in in there after he took the money.
    Freak tells Max he saw one of Tony D's punks stuff it in there.
    Freak and Max do not know how it go into the sewer.

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