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Free trade and Protection

Quiz by Kavitha N V PSGRKCW

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  • Q1

    Whichof the following best describes free trade

    Trade with high tariffs and restrictions

    1.     Trade without any government intervention

    Trade without any government intervention

    Trade with limited competition

  • Q2

    Whatis the main goal of protectionist policies?

       To protect domestic industries

    To encourage foreign investment

    To eliminate trade barriers

    To promote international trade

  • Q3

    Which of the following is an example of a protectionist measure?

    Tariffs on imported goods

    Elimination of import quotas

    Free trade agreements

    Foreign direct investment

  • Q4

    Which of the following is a potential benefit of free trade?

    Higher prices for imported goods

    Reduced variety of goods available to consumers

    Job creation in domestic industries

    Increased global economic growth

  • Q5

    Which of the following is a potential drawback of protectionist policies?

    Enhanced economic stability

    Promotion of foreign investment

    Increased global economic integration

    Reduced consumer choices


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