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french and indian war and american revolution, northwest territory, frontier wars, sectional issues and War of 1812, Underground Railroad

Quiz by Kristin Parks

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49 questions
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  • Q1
    What two wars took place during the 1700s?
    French and Indian War and American Revolution
  • Q2
    Who was involved in the French and Indian War?
    French, Indians, and British
  • Q3
    Who were the Native Americans allied with during the French and Indian War?
  • Q4
    Who won the French and Indian War?
  • Q5
    Who fought against each other in the American Revolution?
    America and England
  • Q6
    Who won the American Revolution?
  • Q7
    Why did the american colonists unite to fight against the British?
    didn't like the Articles of Confederation
    they couldn't move west, no taxation without representation, house British Soldiers
  • Q8
    Who were the American allies during the American Revolution?
    France and Spain
  • Q9
    Who was the general of the Continental army during the Revolutionary war?
    George Washington
  • Q10
    What difficulties did the Continental army face at Valley Forge?
    cold weather, disease, sickness, and not enough shoes or warm clothes
  • Q11
    What changed after Great Britain signed the Treaty of Paris
    We became a free country
  • Q12
    What rights were guaranteed under the Northwest Ordinance
    Right to vote, no slavery, all tax money went to education, when you become a state you are equal to all others, they would protect you from Indian attacks
  • Q13
    What was the first step to become a state in the Northwest Ordinance?
    Pick a governor and judges
  • Q14
    What happened to general St. Clair after St. Claire's Disaster
    He was fired
  • Q15
    What battle resulted in the the Native Americans having to sign the Treaty of Greenville?
    Battle of Fallen Timbers

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