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French Expressions

Quiz by Pam Pegelo

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    Vous êtes une poule mouillée.

    Question Image

    You are a wet chicken.

    Where is the chicken?

    You are a funny chicken.

    You have a wet chicken.

  • Q2

    Donner sa langue au chat.

    Question Image

    Give language to the cat.

    Teach the cat to speak.

    Stick out your tongue at the cat. 

    Give your tongue to the cat.

  • Q3

    Être au taquet.

    Question Image

    To need a piece of wood.

    To be at a piece of wood.

    To want a piece of wood.

    To eat a piece of wood.

  • Q4

    Quand les poules auront des dents.

    Question Image

    When chicken run.

    When chickens brush their teeth.

    When chickens have teeth.

    When chicken want to be fed.

  • Q5

    Faire un froid de canard

    Question Image

    Does a cold of duck.

    To eat cold duck.

    Where are the ducks?

    The ducks are cold.

  • Q6

    Tomber dans les pommes.

    Question Image

    Eat lots of apples.

    Fall in apples.

    Can't find the apples.

    Go apple picking.

  • Q7

    Parler Français comme une vache espagnole!

    Question Image

    To speak French in Spain. 

    To cook cow in Spain.

    To speak French and Spanish.

    Speak like a Spanish cow.

  • Q8

    Avoir le cafard.

    Question Image

    To have a cockroach.

    To want a cockroach.

    To eat a cockroach.

    To call a cockroach.

  • Q9

    Faire l’andouille.

    Question Image

    To make the sausage.

    To be a sausage.

    To dance like a sausage.

    To eat a sausage.

  • Q10

    Appeler un chat un chat

    Question Image

    To want to name a cat.

    To call a cat a cat.

    To call a cat a weird name. 

    To call a cat an apple.

  • Q11

    Quelle mouche t’a piqué.

    Question Image

    Which fly is which.

    Clap for the fly.

    Which fly bit you?

    Which fly is happy?

  • Q12

    Être sur son 31.

    Question Image

    To be 31 years of age.

    To have 31 dresses.

    Be on their 31.

    To count to 31.

  • Q13

    Chercher des poux.

    Question Image

    To eat lice.

    To find lice.

    To have lice.

    To look for lice.

  • Q14

    Avoir un chat dans la gorge

    Question Image

    To have a cat in the throat.

    To want a cat in your throat.

    To eat a cat.

    To have a cat on your neck.

  • Q15

     Être comme une poule qui a trouvé un couteau

    Question Image

    To eat a chicken with a knife.

    To be a chicken.

    To be like a chicken who has found a knife.

    To find a chicken with a knife.


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