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French Revolution and Napoleon

Quiz by J Crissman

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    clergy; top group in society
    First Estate
  • Q2
    made up of the nobility; top jobs in government; hated absolutism.
    Second Estate
  • Q3
    98% of the population; peasants, bankers, lawyers, merchants, etc.
    Third Estate
  • Q4
    using money you do not have
    deficit spending
  • Q5
    absolute monarch at the start of the French Revolution
    King Louis XVI
  • Q6
    legislative body consisting of representatives of three estates that came together to discuss issues before making any decisions
    Estates General
  • Q7
    famous agreement made by the Third Estate after the First and Second Estate refused to show up to meet the Estates General and they were locked out by Louis XVI
    Tennis Court Oath
  • Q8
    national holiday for France; date of the storming of the Bastille
    July 14th, 1789
  • Q9
    grim medieval fortress used as a prison or a place to hold weapons; symbol of the French Revolution
  • Q10
    having power through force
  • Q11
    rumors were heard all over the country with tales of attacks on villages and towns and nobles' homes; led to fleeing of nobles from country
    "Great Fear"
  • Q12
    modeled after the Declaration of Independence; gave natural rights to people; major document of the French Revolution
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
  • Q13
    storming of women on Versailles asking for Bread
    March of Women
  • Q14
    Queen during the French Revolution; aka Madame Deficit
    Marie Antoinette
  • Q15
    attempt by the King and Queen try to flee the country to Austria to get away from the Revolution
    Royal Family "escape"

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