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Friday POTD

Quiz by Jayme Moore

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Abby is hanging balloons around for decoration. She has 4 bags of yellow balloons and 5 bags of blue balloons. If each bag has 10 balloons, how many balloons does she have total?
    90 balloons
    60 balloons
    91 balloons
    2 balloons
  • Q2
    JayLee is having a bicycle race around her neighborhood. If one lap of the track is 126 feet long and the race is over after 5 laps, how far does each racer have to go?
    130 feet
    631 feet
    120 feet
    630 feet
  • Q3
    Paige and her friends ate pizza for lunch. There were 5 pizzas with 12 slices each. If Paige and her 12 friends had 4 slices each, how many slices were left over?
    19 slices
    12 slices
    45 slices
    15 slices
  • Q4
    All of the students in Mrs. Moore's class have a vocabulary assignment every week with 13 new words. If the school year is 40 weeks long, how many new words will they learn?
    520 words
    450 words
    540 words
    321 words
  • Q5
    Riley is typing in the computer lab and typing at 23 words per minute. If he types for 11 minutes, how many words does he type?
    246 words
    234 words
    253 words
    231 words

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