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Frindle Comprehension

Quiz by Ms. Acosta

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Nick was a student who would best fit into which category?
    a student who bullied others
    a straight A student
    a student with plenty of ideas who knew what to do with them
    a really well behaved student
  • Q2
    How did Nick often get his class out of having homework?
    He wrote poems about the silliness of homework.
    He asked distracting questions right before the bell rang.
    He complained that homework was a waste of time.
    He had a conference with his teachers to talk them out of homework.
  • Q3
    What is a frindle?
    a dictionary
    a marker
    a pencil
    a pen
  • Q4
    How did Mrs. Granger try to stop kids from using the word "frindle"?
    She sent them to the principal's office.
    She made them stand in a corner holding a dictionary.
    She called their parents and had a conference with them.
    She kept them after school and made write sentences.
  • Q5
    Why did Mrs. Granger ask Nick to sign the back of the envelope?
    to later prove that she had never changed the letter
    as evidence to give to the principal
    to sign an agreement that he would stop using the word "frindle"
    so she would remember this name in the future
  • Q6
    How did Lawrence help Nick to become rich?
    He sold frindle products and put part of the profits into an account for Nick.
    He invested Nick's money into the stock market.
    He paid Nick to star in an advertisement for frindle products.
    He helped Nick create and sell frindle products.
  • Q7
    What book did Mrs. Granger want all of her students to have at home?
    a set of encyclopedias
    an atlas
    a telephone book
    a dictionary
  • Q8
    How did people in their home towns and states learn about frindle?
    the read it in the Westfield Gazette.
    It was on the TV national news.
    They heard it on the radio.
    They heard it from Bud Lawrence.
  • Q9
    What did Nick do in Mss Deaver's 3rd grade class to make a tropical island?
    He poured white sand on the floor.
    he turned up the thermostat.
    all of the choices
    He got all the kids to change into shorts and t-shirts.
  • Q10
    How did the kids know Mrs. Granger never looked at their detention papers?
    Mrs. Granger told them she didn't look at them.
    They just wrote their name over and over.
    They sometimes wrote the word frindle instead of pen.
    She always threw them in the trashcan before they left.

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