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  • Q1
    Captain Carl is on reserve duty on 21 October. He needs to be assigned Standby from 18:00-23:00 on the same day. What is the latest time he needs to be told about this duty?
    08:00 UTC
    07:00 UTC
    09:00 UTC
    06:00 UTC
  • Q2
    Captain Carl SBY is from 18:00-23:00. He is called to operate DOH to CMB (UTC + 5.5), departure time at 22:00 with arrival at 03:15. Please calculate the FDP and LOC?
    FDP: 12:00/LOC:08:45
    FDP: 11:00/ LOC: 07:45
    FDP: 11:30/LOC: 08:15
    FDP: 13:00/LOC: 09:45
  • Q3
    The original departure time for the flight was 22:00. However, the flight has been delayed to 01:10 and the crew has been stopped at their respective accommodations. Please provided the FDP and LOC
    FDP: 13:00/LOC: 12:55
    FDP: 12:00/LOC: 11:55
    FDP: 11:30/LOC: 11:25
    FDP:11:00/LOC: 10:55
  • Q4
    Due to further deterioration in weather, flight has now been delayed to 03:30 and the information has been passed to crew at 23:00. The flight's original departure was 22:00 and the Delay was till 01:10.
    FDP:12:00/LOC 12:00
    FDP 11:00/LOC 13:30
    FDP:11:00/LOC 11:00
    FDP: 12:00/LOC 14:30
  • Q5
    Due to further schedule changes, it has been decided to deadhead the crew to HKG (UTC +8) to operate HKG-PVG; PVG-PEK-PVG; PVG-HKG-DOH. After deadheading to HKG, what is the minimum rest we can provide in HKG before they operate?
    13 hours
    11 hours
    12 hours
    10 hours
  • Q6
    45 hours since reporting in Doha, crew operate HKG-PVG, departure 14:20 UTC. Block: 02:45 Please calculate their FDP and LOC
    FDP: 12:00/LOC: 02:20
    FDP: 11:30/LOC: 01:50
    FDP: 12:30/LOC: 02:50
    FDP: 11:00/LOC: 01:20
  • Q7
    64 hours since reporting in DOH, crew operate PVG-PEK-PVG. Departure time is 17:00. The ground time in PEK is 04:30. What is the FDP and LOC of crew operating the flight? Assume FRM is used.
    FDP: 13:52/ LOC: 05:52
    FDP: 12:22/LOC: 04:22
    FDP: 11:52/LOC: 03:52
    FDP: 12:52/LOC: 04:52
  • Q8
    86:00 hours since reporting in Doha, crew operate PVG-CAN-HKG-DOH. Departure 15:00, Arrival 04:00. Total Block: 13:00; FRM is used, HKG-DOH has a block of 09:45. Three crew augmentation.
    FDP: 16:00/LOC: 06:00
    FDP: 11:00/LOC: 01:00
    FDP: 17:00/LOC 07:00
    FDP: 12:00/LOC: 02:00
  • Q9
    The time elapsed since reporting in Doha for the rotation, to when they return from the rotation is 90 hours. How many days rest do they require before they operate again?
    A rest including five consecutive nights
    A rest including three consecutive nights
    A rest including four consecutive nights

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