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Fun with 5th Grade Social Studies

Quiz by Victoria Newsom

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    What were George Washington's false teeth made from?
    Question Image
    Other people's teeth
  • Q2
    Who is this famous early American legislator?
    Question Image
    Thomas Jefferson
    James Madison
    John Adams
    Alexander Hamilton
  • Q3
    What date did the Continental Congress declare independence from Great Britain?
    Question Image
    July 2, 1776
    July 5th, 1776
    July 1st, 1776
    July 4th, 1776
  • Q4
    Who is this famous person from early American history?
    Question Image
    Betsy Ross
    Elizabeth I
  • Q5
    What do the colors on the U.S. flag represent?
    White: valor & hardiness; red: vigilance & perseverance; blue: loyalty
    White: innocence & purity; red: vigilance & perseverance; blue: leadership
    White: freedom; red: blood; blue: hardiness & valor
    White: purity and innocence; red: hardiness & valor; blue: vigilance & perseverance
  • Q6
    Who owned a profitable whiskey distillery?
    John Adams
    James Madison
    George Washington
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Q7
    Which president attended séances at the White House?
    Ben Franklin
    Abraham Lincoln
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Howard Taft
  • Q8
    What did Paul Revere yell as he galloped through the night?
    "The Redcoats are coming!"
    "The army is coming!"
    "The British are coming!"
    "The Regulars are coming!"
  • Q9
    Which president worked as a fashion model as a young man?
    Gerald Ford
    John Kennedy
    Ronald Reagan
    Jimmy Carter
  • Q10
    What important U.S. document was prepared in secret, behind locked doors with sentries posted outside?
    The Emancipation Proclamation
    The U.S. Constitution
    The Declaration of Independence
    The Bill of Rights

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