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Quiz by Nylah Zeno

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  • Q1
    Why do you need name and date along with your grade?
    so i will know my grade
    So,the teacher will know
    so i will remeber
    so i will understand
  • Q2
    Why do think professers will not grade your paper?
    beacause they forgot
    beacause there confused
    beacause they don't no who wrote i t
    beacaues there dumb
  • Q3
    Why is reading important
    we dont really need it
    we need for a part of are life
    we only need it to drive
    beacause wen need it for everything
  • Q4
    *exit ticket* why do you need it mostly in school?
    we need it for drama
    we need it for books and at the mall
    we need it for math only
    beacause we need to read books and do math ect.

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