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Future Perfect /Future Continuous

Quiz by Dace

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  • Q1
    Don't phone me between 7 and 8. __________________________________ dinner then.
    We'll be having
    We will have
    We will have had
  • Q2
    So after this time, for example at 9.30, the match _________________________________ .
    will be finishing
    will have finished
    will finished
  • Q3
    Next year they ______________________________________________ for 25 years.
    will have married
    will have been married
    will be marrying
  • Q4
    This time tomorrow, Maria _______________________________________ on a beach in Majorca.
    will sunbathe
    will be sunbathing
    will have sunbathed
  • Q5
    Wake me up by nine o'clock - I _____________________________________ long enough by then.
    will be sleeping
    will have slept
    will have sleep
  • Q6
    Phone me after 8 o'clock. We ___________________________________ dinner by then.
    will have finished
    will be fishing
    will be finishing
  • Q7
    ___________________________________ the same job in ten years' time?
    Will have you done
    Will you be doing
    Will you be done
  • Q8
    By the time you get home I ____________________________________________ the house.
    won't have cleaned
    won't be cleaning
    won't have cleaning
  • Q9
    At 10:00 everybody meets at the bottom of Heerengracht Street at the fountain.
    We will have arrived at 10:20?
    Will we have arrived at 10:20?
    Will we be arrived at 10:20?
  • Q10
    ___________________________________________________ on trips to the Moon by 2050?
    Tourists will be going
    Will be tourists going
    Will tourists be going

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