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Future simple vs Future continuous 10 items

Quiz by Liew Haliwakhung

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10 questions
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  • Q1

    John badly injured hisleg playing football. He _______________with a stick for the next few weeks.

    will walk

    is going to walk

    will be walking

    is walking

  • Q2

    I _______________James to my party this year. He has been very unfriendly to me recently.

    won’t invite

    won't be inviting

    am not going to invite

    am not inviting

  • Q3

    When you next see me, I _______________mynew glasses.

    am wearing

    will wear

    will be wearing

    am going to wear

  • Q4

    Don't call her before 8 o'clock. She _______________her homework until then.

    is doing

    will be doing

    is going to do

    will do

  • Q5

    She _______________toschool, by this time next week.

    is going

    will be going

    will go

    is going to go

  • Q6

    The children _______________whenthe program starts this evening.

    will play

    are going to play

    will be playing

    are playing

  • Q7

    At 11 O' Clock inthe morning, I _______________in my office with my new project.

    will work

    am working

    am going to work

    will be working

  • Q8

    It's really getting dark here. _______________thewindow, please?

    Will you open

    Will you be opening

    Are you opening

    Are you going to open

  • Q9

    They_______________at about 4 in the afternoon.

    will arrive

    will be arriving

    are arriving

    are going to arrive

  • Q10

    I don't think, they _______________their holidays by the sea again.

    are spending

    are going to spend

    will be spending

    will spend


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