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Future Skills - Humans 2050 - Veronika Bak and Vivien Baji

Quiz by Vivien Baji

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  • Q1
    Which characteristic of the future education system is the most likely to provide students with positive experiences regarding self-esteem?
    Free choice
    Personalized learning
    Data interpretation
    Student ownership
  • Q2
    What does STEM stand for?
    Self Taught Education Method
    Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
    Success Through Exploring Mathematics
    Students and Teachers Educational Materials
  • Q3
    Why will digital consciousness become more important for students in the future?
    Because they are going to need to be able to judge the validity of information and recognize what is fake news and what is not
    Because by 2050, robots will take over education and teachers will no longer be needed
    Because machines such as computers and smart devices cannot be trusted, they always mislead people
  • Q4
    Which future skill can de described with these keywords: "bouncing back, personal development, learning from failure, coping mechanisms"?
    Critical thinking
  • Q5
    Which term could you link 'designer babies' to?
    Biomedical engineering
    Genetic engineering
  • Q6
    Which statement is true about the future of work?
    Cognitive skills are going to be more important than ever, the world of the future will have no room nor need for social skills.
    Social and cognitive skills will be equally important, along with mathematical knowledge.
    Social skills will be more needed than cognitive skills, so are some skills which we haven't even discovered yet.

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