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Future Tense

Quiz by Khemjira Intrakul

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15 questions
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  • Q1

    I think  I ____ to Big C tomorrow.

    will be go

    will goes

    will go


  • Q2

    Natnaree and I _____ travel to Bangkok tomorrow. We have planned it.

    will go

    are going to

    are not going to

    won't go

  • Q3

    I will wash the dished but I ____ the toilet.

    won’t be clean

    will clean

    will not clean

    will be clean

  • Q4

    Jane is sick. She ____ in the class.

    won’t be


    will be


  • Q5

    I ____ because it’s too salty.

    will eat

    don’t eat

    will eating

    won’t eat

  • Q6

    I ____ in Naresuan university this time next year.

    will be studying

    will be study

    will studying

    will study

  • Q7

    This time on Sunday I ____ to the train station.

    will be driving

    will drive

    will be drive

    will driving

  • Q8

    Will you ____ by 10 p.m.?

    have arrived

    be arrived

    will have arrived

    have arriving

  • Q9

    Sorry, I am afraid I ____ late tomorrow.

    'll have been

    'll be having

    'll be being

    'll have

  • Q10

    The student _____ by the time the teacher came in.

    will have left

    will be leave

    will have been

    will leave

  • Q11

    Jane will have _____ all about it by tonight.

    be forget


    be forgotten


  • Q12

    Tom ____ for three days by the time I meet him.

    will have been staying

    have been staying

    will has been staying

    has been staying

  • Q13

    By October, I’ll ____ here for four years.

    will have been studying

    will been lived

    will be studying

    have been studying

  • Q14

    I ____ TV on Friday night so I’ll be sleepy on Saturday morning.

    has been watching

    will be watching

    will have been watching

    will watch

  • Q15

    I ____ been waiting for you long.

    have not will

    will have not

    will not have

    not will have


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