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G11 Unit 2 Relationships- Reading

Quiz by Huyen Mai

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12 questions
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  • Q1
    Find the word that has the following meaning: TAKE PART IN (a conversation)
    engage in
    take the initiative
    drop out of
    be on good terms
  • Q2
    Find the word that has the following meaning: HAVE CONFIDENCE IN SOMEONE
  • Q3
    Find the word that has the following meaning: BE FRIENDLY AND ABLE TO INTERACT WELL WITH SOMEONE
    be on good terms with someone
    reconcile with someone
    drop out of school
    stay away from someone
  • Q4
    Find the word that has the following meaning: STOP GOING TO CLASSES BEFORE FINISHING ONE'S STUDIES
    take the initiative
    drop out of school
    engage in
  • Q5
    Find the word that has the following meaning: TAKE AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACT BEFORE OTHER PEOPLE DO
    have an argument
    lend an ear
    drop out of
    take the initiative
  • Q6
    READING: What is the relationship between Ha and Hoa?
    family members
    close friend
  • Q7
    READING: What did Ha tell Hoa two weeks ago?
    her happiness when going to school
    her romantic relationship
    argument with her parents
    her depression and her intention to drop out of school
  • Q8
    READING: Why did they have an argument?
    Hoa advised Ha to drop out of school.
    Hoa disagreed with Ha's ideas.
    Hoa prevented Ha from quitting school.
    Hoa promised to keep Ha's story secret, but then she told the teacher about it.
  • Q9
    READING: Does the counsellor agree with Ha's reaction?
  • Q10
    READING: What does Quang Nam think about his own appearance?
    He is too skinny and girls don't like talking with him.
    He is short and fat, and girls don't find him attractive.
    He is good- looking and attractive.
  • Q11
    READING: Why do his male friends make jokes about him?
    Because Nam does not have a good relationship with the girls in his class.
    Because Nam often has an argument about his appearance with his male friends.
  • Q12
    READING: What does the counsellor advise Nam to do?
    The counsellor advises Nam to change his appearance such as his hairstyle, clothes.
    The counsellor advises Nam to study hard, become an excellent student and try building up relationships.

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